Ranked Best Coffee in South Dakota from USA Today!!!

India - Araku Valley Coffee

After many years of non-profit work in India, my passion for the Indian people and my love of coffee finally came together. On a trip in December 2018, I came into contact with a small hill region in east central india where coffee is grown by tribal people miles from the trappings of modern life and almost completely unknown to the wider world. Though the people have grown coffee for less than a generation, in a place that is not known for it (when my friend Babu told me there was coffee in that region, I at first didn't believe him), the coffee turned out to be amazing. 

After bringing some back to South Dakota and roasting it myself, I found this very delicate bean to be very savory and slightly sweet at a light roast. I knew it was a coffee I wanted to introduce to the United States.

With some help from my Indian friends, we will be able to greatly increase the profits of the indigenous people of the Araku Valley, generate funds for the orphanage I have worked with for years, and will partner with Answer the Call International to continue their charitable work in india and around the world. 

Stay tuned and I will update you on the progress and will hopefully have some Araku Valley coffee available soon!

Nick Reid